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Spy GSM Earpiece Box Shop Delhi

Code : SSE-008

Today we are much dependent upon technology; technology has been added immensely in our daily life. Technology is creating and inventing amazing things these days as now science has offered Spy GSM Earpiece Box in Delhi that connects your cell phone with nano earpiece. This Earpiece GSM Box in Delhi enables hands free communication and best for personal use as students are using this for exam cheating, it is most used by CBI Agents and other security personals. This Spy GSM Earpiece Box is much high in demand and popular in the youth. This device has a clear sound like crystals and GSM Box is the extended transmit range (50cm) to earpiece.

Feature :
The device does not need mobile, phone and Bluetooth, for the communication.
The device can be used for monitoring the audio in a particular room
Spy Earpiece GSM, ATM card anti Jammer is inbuilt with a sensitive microphone 3gdB microphone.
The Device can receive the conversation fro anywhere.
The device works within the distance of the 50cm.

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Technical Specification:

Standard Earpiece GSM ATM CARD
The Charger/USB charger, battery-337SR416SW

How does it work?

This Earpiece GSM Box in Delhi is easy to use.
First pop up the provided battery into spy earpiece and insert the earpiece in your ear.
Put the Sim Card inside GSM Box and now you can call your partner whom you want to talk to.

Package Contents:

1 x SBL05 GSM Box with 3,5 watt amplifier
1 x Recharge cable
1 x USB Power Adapter cable
1 x Covert micro earpiece SE02 (you can also choose other models)
2 x Batteries for micro earpiece (you can also order more)
1 x Small brush and holl out tool for the battery
1 x User manual in English or German