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Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Shirt in Delhi

Code : SSE-0013

Spy Bluetooth Shirt in Delhi is specially designed for secret communication designed with nano technology. This device has a hidden microphone which receives the sound clear like a crystal. Spy Bluetooth device is easy to use as you just insert the earbud in your ear and no one can detect it easily.

Feature :
Ideal for two way communication and where you can keep your conversation secret
The device includes a microphone which accompanies you to hear the clear sound like a crystal, makes you enable to hear all the information which your partner will tell you in real time.
Spy Bluetooth shirt in Delhi can work with any mobile phone having Bluetooth function.

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Technical Specification

Shape: anatomical shape
Receiver type: magnetic/analogue
Maximmum volume: 110dB
Battery: sony sr416sw/337
Sound player: an mp3 player, Dictaphone etc.
Size: 5x7x10mm
Battery Life: 15h
Net Weight: 0.8g
Interference: <2%

Package Contents

Spy shirt
Spy Earpiece
2 batteries